GARDEN quadrophonic diffusion

‘Garden’ quadrophonic diffusion, duration 12’

This work is based on the idea: to reduce twelve hours (8am- 8pm) recordings into twelve minutes phonography composition.On the 14th of July, 2009 I have undertaken the process of recording soundscape of the garden which belongs to the property I lived in. I have set up four mono microphones in each corner of the garden. Later, I have been recording simultaneously on all four microphones. After achieving final edit, I could  recreate this soundscape in the studio. In the composition, each minute represents one hour of a day, for ex. 1st minute of this composition represents time between 8am and 8.59am, and so on.

“Garden” consequently demonstrates day- time soundscape progression of the urban area in the south- west London, UK. It aims to relocate soundscape of the garden and place it as a phonography diffusion inside the gallery space.

On the website you are listening to the stereo mix.

06.2010, London

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Print on fabric3

size 3x0.9 m


size 3x0.9 m

Fabric3, detail

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Print on fabric2

size 3x0.9 m


Fabric2, detail

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Print on fabric1


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Black Green Red


size 100x80 cm

Calling Bruce Lee

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